Club Officers

Officers are nominated from among the currently active members and are elected by secret ballot.

President - The President presides over meetings and appoints and assigns committees.

1st Vice-President - The 1st Vice-President acts in the absence of the President.

2nd Vice-President - The 2nd Vice-President shall act in the absence of both the President and 1st Vice-President.

Secretary - The Secretary keeps records of all the meetings and Club’s activities.

Treasurer - The Treasurer keeps the records of all financial transactions of the Club.

Current Club Officers

President Tyler Roys
1st Vice President Annie Davis
2nd Vice President Rose Kupchinsky
Secretary Mary Bankes
Treasurer Larry Thorwart

Current Board of Directors with expiration dates:

Dave Alerich (Ex Officio)

Sue Lingenfelter (2019)
Doreen Schivley (2019)
Carol Stokes (2019)
Dave Cowher (2020)
Carole Pearce (2020)
Judi Yohn (2020)
Marti Duffy (2021)
Jo Dumas (2021)
Jim McKay (2021)

For more in-depth information refer to the club By-Laws.